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Leasing Advantage!

Marina Dock Parts can help you afford upgrades to your docks, Fueling system and office management by offering the option to lease your new products, software or equipment including power pedestals, decking, ladders, access control systems or most anything on our website through Marlin Leasing.

Acquiring new equipment or management software is most likely the largest capital investment you will make for your business. Equipment or software financing is an easy, economical way for businesses of any size to get equipment or software without making a large cash investment. Whether you are looking to expand current capacity or looking to replace old, inefficient equipment  or upgrade software, Marina Dock Parts will help you understand how financing solutions help you acquire the equipment and/or software you need for your business.

Your decision to finance equipment or software should not be taken lightly. We provide you with all the necessary resources to get the equipment and/or software you need - when you need it. Our acclaimed Single Point-of-Contact® service model offers you a dedicated financing professional who assists you every step of the way throughout the process.

Equipment and/or software financing has many advantages for your business, including conserving your cash and reducing taxable income for your business.

Equipment or software financing is a form of credit and can extend your company's borrowing power outside of conventional loans.

For more information about Marina Dock Parts Leasing and how it can benefit your location and even save you money, contact Marina Dock Parts at 360-739-1056 or

55 Gallon Spill Kit


55 Gallon Spill Kit

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This easy open lever lock 55 gallon drum spill kit is ready for a fast response to any spill. The spill kit is the perfect size for most industrial response applications. Each kit absorbs approximately 50 gallons of fluids.

This 55 gallon drum spill kit is available with top of the line universal, oil-only and hazmat absorbents. The reason it is one of our top selling spill kits is because it is priced right.

The drum container for our kits is chemical and weather resistant, HDPE construction, UN certified, UV protected, UL 94 HB Flammability Rating and the operating temperature range is -30 degrees to 130 degrees. The easy open lever lock can also be locked with a zip tie/tag to indicate if used or to prevent removal of contents. It is good to know the contents of the kit is well protected for when you need it.

Compare the contents of this kit with any other kit on the market and you will see the value here. Besides the large amount of absorbent material, each kit has two pairs of safety goggles and two pairs of gloves. It is ready for two individuals to work on cleaning up any spill. Detailed how to use Instructions are also included in the kit.

Spill Kit Contents:

  • 100 Pads

  • 10 Socks (3" x 48")

  • 5 Large Pillows

  • 2 Pairs Safety Goggles

  • 2 Pairs Nitrile Gloves

  • 7 Disposal Bags and Ties

  • Instruction Sheet